No. 1 Kimchi Brand Since 1987

No.1 Kimchi Brand     l     1st Brand that Introduced Packaged Kimchi Product

Jongga, Koreans’ favorite Kimchi brand of all time, has been elevating the legacy and culture of Kimchi since 1987.

From Ground to Shelf

Step 1 to getting the best Kimchi is to carefully select the best quality napa cabbages from the ground. We get our tasty cabbages from exclusive farms. all the main ingredient’s quality is monitored by Jongga specialists year round. This way, we can keep Jongga Kimchi at the highest standard of quality.

Perfect Conditions for Fermentation

Jongga has Industry leading Kimchi R&D center. Fermentation at perfect temperature for the perfect length of time, makes the quality of Kimchi constant and stable.

Beyond Korea

  • 60Exporting

    Jongga exports Kimchi to more than 60 countries around the world while maintaining its quality.

  • 21Varieties

    Varieties of flavor and vegetable options that satisfies consumers all over the world.

  • 4Global

    Efforts to become a global #1 Kimchi brand by securing global Kimchi production bases in Korea, China, the United States and Poland.

Get Healthier with the Right Food

Sister Brand

Delivering delicious but healthy food inspired by Korean flavors.

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As parent company of Jongga & O’Food, Daesang has been a pioneer of Korean food culture for more than 60 years.

Daesang Innovation Park,
Ecofriendly RD center

Daesang Corp. completed the construction of the DAESANG InnoPark in Magok Industrial Complex to lay the foundation of its active development of global food and ingredients businesses. DAESANG InnoPark introduced eco-friendly facilities and was certified as an excellent Green Building Certification Level in recognition of the use of new and renewable energy such as sunlight and geothermal energy.

The global Kimchi brand, JONGGA