The Original

Classic Korean Kimchi made with napa cabbage & aromatic ingredients. These robust ingredients increase in complexity as it ferments, bursting with flavorful spiciness that is delightfully balanced. Also available for vegans.


The taste of real Korean Kimchi, depends by Jongga

    Vegan Kimchi

    Fish-free Kimchi, available for vegans

      Kimchi Paste

        Endless Variety

        Whether you're spicy lover or not, we’ve got you! Delicious flavor combinations that range from light and refreshing to rich and savory, expand your Kimchi experience with your favorite vegetables.


        Vegetable varieties with healthy benefits of Kimchi


          Less of heat but still keep the complex and delicious flavors of Kimchi

            With Creativity

            Using real Kimchi for real taste, Jongga & our family brand O’Food make creative ways to enjoy Kimchi.