Aged by time, Perfected by JONGGA

Fermentation may sound simple, but Jongga’s fermentation is delicate & smart.


Fermentation is a process of producing bacteria with fresh vegetables.
This magic begins by bringing various vegetables and fermenting at cool temperature with aromatic seasoning.​

Jongga Makes
Fermentation Perfect

Jongga developed starter bacteria that control the whole fermentation process.
It encourages lactic acid bacteria while discouraging other microbes.
This makes fermentation process safe and stable, delivers the best quality Kimchi with depth of flavor.

One Kimchi,
Countless Benefits

General Health Aid

Billions of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria produced through fermentation remain ACTIVE & ALIVE in the human body, contributing to healthy digestion while improving the immune system.

Fill You Up

Kimchi is a low-calorie and high-fiber food that contains more than 8 vegetables.
Capsaicin from chill pepper powder can even help you lose weight.

  • Is Kimchi vegan?

    Authentic Kimchi is not vegan, since it contains seafood ingredients such as anchovy sauce. But Jongga also developed vegan Kimchi, same great taste, without seafood ingredients.

  • How long will Kimchi last in the refrigerator?

    Kimchi is a living probiotic food, and will continue to change as it ferments over time. As the Kimchi ferments, it will take on tangy notes. Kimchi will continue to age if kept cool in the refrigerator, remaining delicious up to 3 months or even longer. but if it’s stored improperly Kimchi can go bad, please check its condition before you try it.

  • How many calories does Kimchi have?

    Usually it's only 10kcal per 1oz(28g) serving size for each Jongga Kimchi product. You can say Kimchi is a Keto-friendly food.

  • Is Jongga Kimchi gluten-free?

    Jongga Kimchi products are all gluten-free and preservative-free.

  • Is Jongga Kimchi Halal & Kosher?

    Yes, Jongga has some products which are Halal or Kosher certified. Jongga makes Kimchi accessible to everyone in the world.

  • Is Jongga Kimchi pasteurized?

    Most of Jongga Kimchi products are not pasteurized, which means they contain gut-healthy probiotics. However, some products which are made to be stable at room temperature are pasteurized.

  • Are all Kimchi spicy?

    Jongga has 'Mild Kimchi' products which deliver less of heat but still keep the complex and delicious flavors.