Aged by time, Perfected by JONGGA

Fermentation may sound simple, but Jongga’s fermentation is delicate & smart.


Fermentation is a process of producing bacteria with fresh vegetables.
This magic begins by bringing various vegetables and fermenting at cool temperature with aromatic seasoning.​

Jongga Makes
Fermentation Perfect

Jongga developed starter bacteria that control the whole fermentation process.
It encourages lactic acid bacteria while discouraging other microbes.
This makes fermentation process safe and stable, delivers the best quality Kimchi with depth of flavor.

One Kimchi,
Countless Benefits

General Health Aid

Billions of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria produced through fermentation remain ACTIVE & ALIVE in the human body, contributing to healthy digestion while improving the immune system.

Fill You Up

Kimchi is a low-calorie and high-fiber food that contains more than 8 vegetables.
Capsaicin from chill pepper powder can even help you lose weight.