JONGGA’s preservation efforts for your
health and the planet

In the last century, 75% of plant biodiversity has been lost, with 95% of cabbage varieties disappearing from our plates. Jongga values cabbage – and other plants – to make its delicious kimchi, and as such, cares about preserving these nutritious vegetables so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come.  

Join Jongga’s Generation Preservation and help repopulate the planet with plant-forward food diversity for generations to come.


JONGGA Generation Preservation values

Jongga enlightens people that Kimchi is a preserved, fermented food and has a history in maintaining food supply,
sustainability and plant biodiversity. Furthermore, Jongga is on a mission to realize 3 core values.

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    Preservation of

    Plant-forward foods in danger of extinction

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    Preservation of

    Gut health and wellness through the power of fermentation

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    Preservation of

    Environment helping you eat in step with the seasons and minimize food waste

JONGGA Kimchi recipes to preserve comfort food

  • JONGGA Kimchi and Ham Puff Pastry Roll

    Product JONGGA Napa Cabbage Kimchi
    Serves 8
    Prep Time 60 minutes
    Total Time 1 hour, 40 minutes
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  • JONGGA Kimchi Creamed Corn Croquette

    Product JONGGA Napa Cabbage Kimchi
    Serves 30-40 2oz croquettes
    Prep Time 60 minutes
    Total Time 1 hour, 30 minutes
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The company behind JONGGA Kimchi,
Daesang Corporation’s sustainability management

Daesang Corporation was founded in 1956 with wholly local capital and technology.
Based on its core vision of ‘Creating a happy future through a healthy food culture’,
Daesang Corporation is committed to create sustainable values for customers, society, and the planet.

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    For all, healthy ACT
    • Achieve balanced nutrition

      Strengthen necessary nutrients and subtract or reduce certain ingredients that may not be beneficial to health

    • Cultivate wellness

      Development of functional foods and ingredients that enhance bioregulatory function

    • Thrive meaningful society

      Development of alternative food that are friendly to nature and society

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    Co-prosperity and cooperation with stakeholders
    1. 1. Sustainable supply chain

      Strengthen necessary nutrients and subtract or reduce certain ingredients that may not be beneficial to health

      Since 2009, GWP(Great Work Partner) Awards are given to excellent partners to express Daesang Corp.’s gratitude for their outstanding results and efforts for growing together.

    2. 2. GWP(Great Work Place)

      Daesang Corp. pursues work-life balance for its employees by operating various programs such as long-term refresh policy, family love day, maternity benefits.

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    A world where the environment and people coexist
    1. 1. Response to climate change

      Upcycling 14,700 plastic bottles to make eco-friendly uniforms, resulting in 882kg of greenhouse gas emissions reduction effect

      Construction of eco-friendly R&D center with green certification level 2, by utilizing renewable energy such as solar power and geothermal heat

    2. 2. Eco-friendly packaging

      Developed lightweight packaging materials, contributing to reduction of 300 tons of plastic per year

      Improving the recyclability of plastic containers, and securing separate waste disposal of packaging waste