Savory Tips Korean Twist

Gochujang Noodle

Gochujang Noodle
2 servings 20 minutes


- 50gr O’Food Narutal Gochujang - 10gr Honey - 20gr Sugar - 20ml Apple cider vinegar - 200gr Rice noodles - 15gr Cucumber, sliced - 40gr Jongga kimchi, sliced - 5ml O’Food toasted sesame seed oil - 1 Hard boiled egg, cut in half - O’Food seaweed chips to garnish - Toasted sesame seeds to garnish


  • Mix gochujang, honey, sugar and vinegar in a small mixing bowl then keep aside.
  • Boil the noodles according to the package instructions, drain and rinse under cold water quickly.
  • Mix cold noodles, cucumber, kimchi, sesame oil and seasoning sauce in a large bowl.
  • Place noodles in a serving bowl and garnish with egg, seaweed chips and sesame seeds.